What does it mean if my product has been discontinued?

At eVitamins we pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional products when our customers want them. However, from time-to-time the supply of a product can become delayed. Thus, causing shipment delays and/or order cancellations.

When issues arise with regards to the deliverability of specific products we will reclassify products into different statuses. These statuses allow us to internally track and measure our ability to deliver them to our customers. Below you will find a list of item statuses, as well as their meanings. 

1. Backordered - There are no disruptions of supply from either the product manufacturer or the product distributor. However, the delivery time from the manufacturer or distributor is outside of our normal shipping time. 

2. Temporarily Discontinued - Products are temporarily discontinued when a supply disruption occurs. By temporarily discontinuing an item, we acknowledge that the product is not currently available. However, we have assurance from the manufacturer or distributor that the product will be available at some time in the future. 

3. Permanently Discontinued - Products are permanently discontinued when the manufacturer or our current distributor has communicated that the product will no longer be produced. We at eVitamins also permanently discontinue items if we determine that the product consistently does not maintain the high level quality or deliverability that our customers deserve.

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