How To Write An Excellent Product Review On eVitamins?

Want to earn credits by leaving product reviews on items you've ordered on Learn how to leave an excellent product review by following the guidelines below :

  1. Proper grammar
  2. Repeat the product name
  3. At least 50 words (target 200-400 words)
  4. Add images of the product to your review
  5. Keep content relevant to the specific product you're reviewing
  6. Discuss the product attributes:
  • Color and texture
  • Smell, taste, and size
  • Serving size
  • Effectiveness and results
  • Product packaging
  • Would you recommended the product? 


'Denied' Reviews
Please keep in mind, if your review does not meet our requirements, it may be denied by our team. If a review is denied, it may be due to one of the reasons below:

  • Short or vague reviews (Example: Good Product)
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Grammatical errors
  • Not repeating the product name
  • Submitting the exact same review for multiple products
  • Submitting similar reviews for multiple products (Example: Just changing the sentence structure, slightly changing a word here or there, etc.)
  • Submitting the same review that you have also posted on another site
  • Submitting a review that was copied and pasted from another source
  • Not discussing the product attributes
  • Describing only shipping services, customer support, etc.
  • Only describing what the product is for (Example: Explaining that DHEA is a hormone and what it is used for in the body, but making no mention of personal use. Ex.: Copying and pasting product details from another site)  

In the event your review is denied, you will receive an email notice that will give you the opportunity to go back and 'Edit' your review to meet out guidelines.

Earnings for 'Approved' Reviews
For each review that is approved, you will be issued an in-store credit that is valid for 90 days and can be used towards a future purchase.

The amount of the credit will be based upon the overall review and the quality of the review. The amount rewarded per review is discretionary per the eVitamins editor who is reviewing your product review and is based upon how well the guidelines are followed above, the quality of the review, the relevance of the information provided to the actual product, etc. The credit amount shown at time of writing the review is the maximum amount you may be rewarded; it is not guaranteed to be the amount earned. The maximum reward that can be earned on an excellent review is $5 USD.

Submissions are reviewed by our team before being approved or denied, once a review is left, please allow 2-7 business days for a decision email. Reminder, credits not redeemed within 90 days from the date they are issued will automatically expire. Expired credits will not be issued back to the account. Note: Once a review is published on our website and a credit is issued in your account, that review becomes property of eVitamins and will remain on eVitamins website for the life of the site. If you earned a credit, we will not be able to remove a review from our website once it has been posted. Though we can update the reviewer screenname to something other than the full name you may have listed the review under. By leaving a product review on our website, you are giving eVitamins permission to use your review on our site and social platforms as we see fit.

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