How do I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information in your account by following the steps below.

Log in to your eVitamins account by entering your current e-mail address and password here.

Select 'Billing Information' from the menu on the left. You will be directed to the 'Payment Methods' page. From this screen, you can either, Delete an existing card on file, Edit a current card, or Add a New Payment Method.

To edit your billing information, hit the 'Edit' button to the right of the card you wish to alter. Make the necessary adjustments and hit 'Save.'

You will be redirected to the top of the page and see the message 'You have successfully updated this billing information.' Your billing information has been updated and your card is now ready to use.



Special notice IF you are on Autoship.
If updating your billing details on file while currently on autoship, please contact our team by phone or email so we may update the billing details associated with your autoship. Please Note: Updating your details in your account, does NOT automatically update the billing details associated to your autoshipment. 

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