When is payment collected?

If you are placing an order while paying with Paypal or Alipay, the payment will be collected immediately as the order is placed.

If you are paying using a credit card, our policy is to charge your account once the items are ready for shipment. When you place an order, we will put a pending authorization on your account. When we place a pending authorization on an account, we are checking for available funds, your bank releases the pending authorization after 2-5 business days(depending on your bank.) The actual charge will be placed on your card once your order has processed for shipment.

Note: As eVitamins is a United States based company, we bill all our customers in U.S. Dollars and allow the customer's card issuing company to process the conversion. The pricing that we offer in local currency is a close approximate (based on exchange rates at the time of purchase). The card issuing company will then process the transaction from your account utilizing the exchange rate that they are currently offering. That amount may slightly differ from the rate of exchange that we are showing on our site. Your card issuing company may also charge you a conversion fee. eVitamins is not responsible for these fees. 

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