What Are The Terms Of Our eVitamins Rewards Program?

Introduce others to eVitamins and be rewarded in 3 easy steps. Here is how it works :

Create an account or login to get your unique referral code.

Share your code with others and they'll get $5 USD OFF their first order of $30 USD.

Earn rewards like extra discounts, free products, and even cash!

How much is my Reward?
When you share your Rewards Code with others who order and use your unique link, you will earn a $10.00 USD reward as soon as their order ships!

How should I list my rewards codes?
Rewards code must be portrayed accurately and posted based on actual details only. Example - "$5 off your first order at eVitamins on orders of $30 USD" or similar variations. Code descriptions cannot be manipulated or listed as anything other than the true value. Please note: If code descriptions are listed with inaccurate details, your account will be suspended and you will be asked to correct the listing(s). Once you have made the necessary adjustments, our team will review the corrections and determine if you may continue to participate in our rewards program. If your account is unlocked, the credit balance will be zeroed out and you will begin again at $0.00. Credits earned based on false listing will be removed from your account. If requested corrections are not completed, your account will remain suspended and credits removed. As the code holder, it is 100% your responsibility to ensure your code is listed accurately on ALL sites. As the owner of the code, you are responsible for ensuring your code is posted everywhere accurately and properly at all times. This includes both website you personally post your codes on as well as any codes where your code is listed in general. We reserve the right to suspended accounts and remove credits if violating this policy.

Can I use my own referral code?
No, this discount and reward is for new customers you refer to us only. If your own referral code is used on an order through your account or an account with similar account details, the $10 credit will be subtracted from your account. 

Can I create multiple accounts to earn rewards?
No, you are not allowed to create multiple accounts with eVitamins to earn rewards or run multiple referral codes at any given time. Any duplicate accounts will be suspended, credits removed, and your purchasing rights with eVitamins revoked. Codes may only be used once per household/family.

Can I create accounts for family members with my details so they may use my code?
No, codes may not be used by anyone within the household and you may not use your own referral code in anyway. So accounts with the same shipping address or your details are not eligible for use of the code. Accounts for family members who would like to use code that are first time customers must be created by them with their details and the parcel must be shipping and billing to them.

There's multiple people at our address, can we each have our own account to use the referral code?
No, codes may only be used once per household and family members/friends at the same address may not use your referral code. Example: You and your spouse may not use each others referral codes in any way.

How do I create or get my referral code?
If you haven't already, create an account or login and we'll automatically generate a unique code for you. You also have the option to personalize this code to whatever you'd like in your referral manager, however you may not use 'eVitamins' solely as the coupon name or any variation of evitaminscoupons, evitamincoupon, evitaminsdiscount, or other coupon names that include evitamins.

Can I use this program with my affiliate site?
No, this program can not be used in combination with any of our affiliate programs. If someone uses your unique coupon code, it will NOT register with any of our affiliate programs and you will not earn commission on the transaction. You can sign up for both programs, however, you can not receive commissions for both programs on the same order.

Will my credits expire?
Yes, credits not redeemed within 90 days from the date they are issued will automatically expire. Credits that have expired will not be issued back to the account.

Can I get cash back?
Yes. You can use your credit balance to get products from eVitamins for an even greater discount or even FREE! If your credit balance is over $300 USD, you may also opt for us to pay you via Paypal. Please note: We reserve the right to deny requests for Paypal payouts based on our discretion at any time. If a violation of our terms and conditions has occurred in the past, our team reserves the right to deny all future requests for a Paypal payout. 

Can I bid on eVitamins Trademarks such as evitamins, evitamins.com, or other variations?
No. There is absolutely no bidding on eVitamins Trademarks or our name "eVitamins" in anyway or variation allowed. You cannot place ads on Google using our name or bidding against us.  All the trademark terms and trademarked plus terms (keywords), and any variations including misspellings, alternate spellings, alternate spacing, or any phrases that include these terms: eVitamins, eVitamins.com, www.evitamins.com. You may not use our brand name or domain name, or any variation, similar terms or misspelling of our brand name, as the display domain in any search advertisement. You may not use our brand name or domain name, or any variation, similar terms or misspelling of our brand name in PPC ad copy without prior approval from eVitamins.com. Doing so will result in immediately closure of your account, removal from the program, and removal of all rewards credits.

Posting of Codes.
We reserve the right to contact participates involved in the Rewards Program and inquire about where you are listing our codes and how they are being used to obtain referrals. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend access to your account in order to validate the information provided to ensure all terms and conditions are being followed properly. If a reply to our inquiry is not received, the account in question will remain locked until we hear from you. If it is found that credit earning violates anything outlined in our Terms and Conditions, the account will remain locked, all credits removed, and participation in our program will be prohibited.

Note: We reserve the right to end participation in the program at any time without notice if we feel any actions are in direct violation of our Referral Program Terms or eVitamins policies. Including, but not limited to suspending accounts, revoking eVitamins participation privileges, removing credits, and zeroing credit balances, changing codes, etc. We also reserve the right to modify or change the program at any time, for any reason. If you violate any terms or policies above and we make the decision to allow continuation in the program, with stipulations, your account will be zeroed before it will unlocked and we will issue you a new referral code. [Once our team sets a new referral code for you, you may NOT change the code. This will be the permanent code for your account. Adjusting the code after our team advises not to, will result in the closing of your account and another violation]. If unlocked, you account will be closely monitored and reviewed by our team for 6 months to 1 year, this time frame is based on our discretion. During this probation period, all requests for Paypal payouts will be denied. 

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